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    Let our music in line with the trend here, let our music here and the world to create synchronization, there is a fashion we have been slowly transcending, just because I am today's MC. Open your mouth wide!
    The vast ocean, a love let us know, a love let us meet, with your perfect emotions, dreams to dream of companion, relaxed their cartoon-like music life, MC Han here to give you the perfect music, hands up!

     When night falls, we come together to make perfect pop music, and we welcome the voice of passion. This time invite your brothers and sisters to join us, to prepare your music, to make such a piece of music, in your mind infinite.
    Take your emotions ready, the best, the most perfect music to enjoy sincere feelings for you to feel this evening's popular electronic DJ dance music sent to your side, the king of millions of lions demonstrates heroic spirit, here to enjoy the swing, let's go!

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